Your health is our priority!

To guarantee you a peaceful stay ...


We will wear a mask , the keys that we give you will be disinfected beforehand.
Even if we do everything to ensure your health security, our welcome will be no less warm and kind.


Our priorities have always been hygiene and cleanliness.

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are strengthening our maintenance protocols:

Before any arrival , all our rooms are cleaned , disinfected and ventilated , according to a very strict and precise health protocol *in order to guarantee impeccable hygiene to our guests. We use certified products of high quality and very effective to offer you optimal cleaning.
We set up 24 hours of summerfallow between two rentals.
We personally carry out all cleaning and disinfection operations . The linen is systematically washed at 60 ° in long cycle.
Note also that the toiletries offered in our rooms are replaced with each new guest.

During the stay , in order to limit our interactions in your personal living space, we will clean the rooms every 2 days and no longer daily.

* Sanitary protocol applied in the rooms:

- Our cleaning procedures are doubled by disinfection procedures according to the following commitments:

- All our rooms are ventilated 20 minutes before any cleaning procedure.

- We carry out a methodical washing of our hands before and after each cleaning by using a first washing with soap and water for 20 seconds then, by applying a dose of disinfectant based on hydroalcoholic gel.

- We clean all the surfaces present in the room, using traditional detergents so as to remove dirt, dust and germs. Once the surfaces are clean, we apply a disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium type TP04 (disinfectant for surfaces in contact with food ), thus ensuring optimal disinfection while guaranteeing your health . We pay particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as switches, door handles, remote controls, hangers ... We use new rags for each room cleaning after the departure of a client. These rags are thoroughly washed at very high temperatures after each room cleaning.

- Our floors are systematically bleached.

- All household linen is washed at the highest recommended temperature. All these textiles are handled with disposable gloves during each operation.

- Our laundry baskets are cleaned and disinfected after each operation.

- Our vacuum cleaner is emptied after each cleaning and it is systematically cleaned with a disinfectant.

- Also note that we pay particular attention to sofas, curtains and other flexible and porous surfaces that are systematically disinfected.

- During each cleaning operation, we use disposable gloves which are thrown away after each session before washing our hands again.

- Finally, the expiration dates of all our cleaning supplies are checked regularly.


The common areas are cleaned and disinfected several times a day, as often as necessary.
The sanitary protocols applied to our rooms are the same for the common areas.
We also put at your disposal in the common areas and at each sensitive point of the hydro-alcoholic gel .


The swimming pool is treated with chlorine and subjected to regular sanitary controls by the departmental laboratory of analysis and engineering of the Var. We spray several times a day a disinfectant solution on the tiles around the pool to ensure strict hygiene.

To date, we have not decided to set up time slots for the use of the swimming pool, the rest area around the swimming pool being large enough to allow compliance with the rules of social distancing . However, each room will be allocated a number of deckchairs corresponding to the occupancy of the room and each guest must keep the same deckchair during their stay .These, as well as all the garden furniture, made available will be disinfected several times a day .


We have enough space in our summer lounge to offer you breakfast while respecting barrier gestures . However, we decided to install additional tables outside to give you the possibility, when the weather permits, to have breakfast there, while enjoying the view of the swimming pool .


Many restaurants are located just a few minutes from the Bastide de Font-Clarette.
If these are closed or if you prefer to eat in the Bastide , we can also offer delivery of your dishes on site.
Let us know what you want and we'll take care of your taste buds!


You can leave the keys on the bedroom door, making sure to leave the door wide open.

All payments are made electronically, by bank transfer or bank card. We will send you your booking confirmation, acknowledgment of payment of the deposit and the invoice by email.

On the other hand, we will continue to accompany you to the portal with as much kindness as ever, while wearing a mask and respecting the rules of social distancing because social distancing must not mean loss of social bond .


We are located less than a kilometer from a pharmacy and a medical center. The nearest hospital is a 15-minute drive away.
Consult our page "Useful Numbers".

... Our engagement ...

Welcome you to the Bastide de Font-Clarette
for a real holiday, a free spirit, in complete health security.

Last update: 10/05/2020. This content is subject to change over time.